How to Fix DNS Server Not Responding Problem

Sometimes while you use the internet in your windows PC via chrome you may face the error ' DNS server is not responding' . Well, this is the general error for the internet users. Here in this article we will show you how to solve ' DNS server not responding' Error in your windows 7/8/10 PC or Laptop. This problem occurs due to some failed communication between the server of the domain and DNS. Well, if you are looking for the solution, then you don't worry, We will help you to solve this dns server not responding error.

Sometimes it's not your pc's fault. Some websites are down and that time you are accessing them and faced this problem. So before jumping into the solution, check that the site is loading on another device such as phone or tablet. Try to access the different sites and see that it still shows the same error? If yes, then follow the below method to fix DNS server not responding error.

Methods to solve DNS server not responding error.

1. Flush the DNS of the PC
2. Power cycle router and computer
3. Change DNS server settings
4. Delete cookies and cache from the browser
5. Remove website filtering software
6. Uninstall firewall and antivirus

Let me go through one by one method to solve DNS server not responding error.

1. Flush the DNS of the PC

Well this is most general and common method to solve DNS server is not responding error.In this method you are trying to flush the DNS via command prompt in Computer system. To open command prompt in windows computer , write cmd in the start menu's search box.

Type the following command in the command prompt


Now hit enter and flush the DNS to solve the DNS server not responding error. Now try to access the site again by connecting internet. If you face that error again, then follow the below methods.

2. Power cycle router and PC

Hardware can also be the cause of error  :  DNS server not responding. To check for this, shut down and then unplug your PC/Tablet/Laptop and leave it down for 5  minutes to ensure that all electricity has discharged from the external power pack.

If you are going through a wireless or any other kind of router or DSL box, shut it down as well and leave it off for the same amount of time.

3. Change DNS server settings

Changing DNS server settings also help to solve the problem of DNS server not responding error. To change the DNS server setting first you need to go to the Network and sharing center. Then from the network and sharing center you need to select the Local area connection option. Then click on the properties and select Internet Version 4 (TCP/IP) and hit the properties again

In that screen, select the option which says that Use the following DNS server addresses

Then in the preferred DNS field write and in the alternate DNS field write . These are the free DNS server addresses. You can also get other addresses from the free public DNS directory list.

4.  Delete cookies and cache from browser

If the above three methods do not work, then you should try this method. This method is the easiest method to solve DNS server not responding in chrome. Go to your browser history settings via top right corner from chrome. Then scroll down and go to show advanced settings option. From that click on clear browsing data.

Select the required check boxes and clear the browsing data. You can also disable the add-ons because they are also caused by problems.

5. Remove website filtering software

If you are having any special software that blocks certain sites or filters them, then suddenly remove it so you can possibly solve the DNS server is not responding error.

I am sure that that Filter makes some changes in your chrome browser and your chrome browser gonna report something and show this error. So better to remove all the website filters.

6. Uninstall firewalls and antivirus

One more thing that can cause your chrome browser to lose itself is your firewall softwares or Virus protection softwares. If you receive the error  DNS server not responding after an install or upgrade to your virus package or you’ve made changes to your Firewall. This is the first place to look for the possible problem of bad  config.

So in this situation, try to contact your firewall or anti virus service provider and tell them to fix the dns server is not responding error instantly.
So there all are the methods and possible solutions that can help you to solve DNS server not responding method in windows or android phone. If you still don't get the solution of how to fix DNS server is not responding error, then just comment below, we will surely help you.