How to Fix 'DNS Lookup Failed' Error in Windows

Are you searching for the solution of 'DNS Lookup Failed' error? Have you faced this 'DNS_Lookup_Failed' error? Then you will definitely find the solution of your problem here. DNS lookup failure error is a more common problem in Google Chrome browser if you are a regular user of broadband connection. This problem generally caused when your internet connection is slow and not working properly. You also face this error when DNS server is no longer responding. This is the most useful guide to solve DNS lookup failed error in windows 7/8/xp and windows 10.

To fix the given DNS problem you need to find out why the issue occurred. For that you need to apply below listed methods to solve DNS Lookup failure.Try each of them for satisfied result.

Methods To solve DNS LookUp Failed error

 We are going to discuss about three main methods which are listed below
  •  Flush DNS
  • Change DNS server addresses 
  • Clear cache & cookies

1. Flush DNS

Most of the operating system like windows, Linux and all stores their DNS data in the cache files. Due to this cache storage, the connection may be facilitated. Your DNS service provider is always queried any time a connection attempt is made,especially when the needed info is not available. There is also privacy implication in DNS cache. The cache file contains the information from websites you have visited before.Flushing cache cause the removal of that entry. Well, you may be thinking that how difficult the task of flushing DNS cache will be! Well, it's easy, you can flush it by command line directly.

The easy way to do the task is to go to the command prompt by start menu's search box. Type cmd there and hit enter. You will see the black window. Write ifconfig/flushdns in that window and hit enter. This gives confirmation that all the records from the DNS cache are removed and you can connect to the internet. This will solve the chrome connection problem

2. Change DNS Server Addresses to solve error

Well with this method you are going to change your computer's DNS server address. The address is given to your computer automatically. To fix this error, change the automatically obtained DNS to open DNS. The address should be like and

Alternatively, you can also select any DNS from free list of public DNS servers. After changing it, make sure you restart your computer and perform tasks again.

3. Clear Cache and Cookies

If the above two methods do not work, then you should try this method. This method is the easiest method to solve DNS Lookup Failed error in chrome. Go to your browser history settings via top right corner from chrome. Then scroll down and go to show advanced settings option. From that click on clear browsing data.

Select the required checkboxes and clear the browsing data. You can also disable the add-ons because they are also caused by problems.

So this all are the methods to solve DNS lookup failed error in windows. Moreover, see the proper network connectivity. It can be also another major cause of DNS Lookup error in chrome and other browsers as well.If you see that network is failing again and again, then you have to restore the network connection.The best easy way to find connectivity is by ping DNS server machines.You can ping DNS servers from different different machines.

You should have a habit of maintaining your system daily.When there is a possible attack of virus or malware, non functional registry files are corrupted. Due to that DNS lookup problem is one of the main occurrence.This error often arises due to not maintaining the computer system frequency. It is needed to solve all errors from your computer for solving DNS Lookup failed error fix. If you yet find any difficulties then do comment here. We will help you, surely.