How to Fix 'DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config' Error

Have you ever confronted " DNS_PROBE_Finished_Bad_Config' mistake? If you are searching for the right solution of this error, then you are at the perfect place. It generally happens when you are surfing from chrome browser. When you get the error like "DNS_PROBE_Finished_Bad_Config" and lost in the resolution and nothing works! Here is the working method of 'DNS test completed Bad config error. Trust you will dispose of it effectively.

We are going to talk about strategies which will help you to manage with error 'DNS Probe Finished Bad Config' in windows 7/8/10. 

Methods To resolve DNS Probe Finished Bad Config

  •  DNS Settings
  • Resetting IP catalog
  • Disabling Firewall and Antivirus
  • Power-cycling Hardware
  • Miscellaneous fixes
  • Getting Rid of Website Filters

1. DNS settings

This is the best and easiest way to solve the 'DNS_PROBe_Finished_Bad_config error. Numerous installation windows, select the auto config for DNS server setup. That is a wrong one. By manually putting the right one you can solve the mistake. 

You can do it by taking over below steps. 

1. Go to the Network and after that select Open Network and sharing Center 

2. Tap on Local Area association setting. At that point click properties.

You will see another window where you need to go to " Internet Protocol Version 4 " and then hit 'Properties'. 

Tap on the 'Use the following DNS server Addresses' and then in the " Preferred DNS Server' check box type in the following 

At that point tap on 'Validate Settings Upon Exit' check box and snap OK. There you may discover the mistake of bad config in the system.

2. Re setting up the IP Catalog

The method name presents itself. In this technique you are getting out the interior index of IP locations. In the first place You have to of to DOS. 

GO to the search box after tapping the start button and type 'cmd' .

At the command prompt type: ' netsh int IP reset ' and press enter.

Next Type " netsh winsock reset list " and press enter 

Windows will now repopulate its catalog and right IP will be set there. By this way you can solve this error DNS probe finished bad config easily.

3. Disable Firewall & Antivirus

One more thing that can make your chrome browser to lose itself is your firewall softwares or Virus protection softwaresIf you receive the error  DNS Probe Finished Bad Config after an install or upgrade to your virus package or you’ve made changes to your Firewall. This is the primary place to look for the possible problem of bad  config.

So in this situation, attempt to contact your firewall or anti virus service supplier and instruct them to alter the dans probe finished bad config error instantly.

4. Power-cycling Hardware repeatedly

Hardware can also be the cause of the error  : DNS_PROBE_Finished_Bad_Config. To check for this, close down and then unplug your PC/Tablet/Laptop and leave it down for 5  minutes to ensure that all power has released from the outside power pack. If you are going through a wireless or any other kind of router or DSL box, close it down and leave it off for the similar amount of time.

After the wait, power up the Router/DSL box and then the PC and check your sites you were experiencing issues with.

5. Miscellaneous fixes

– Updating your Network driver may also fix the issue of bad configuration in DNS. Download the most recent drivers from vendors' sites and install them and fix the DNS error..

– Delete cookies, Browser Temp files & cache. Deletion of the record file has also been known to possible solution of this problem and so by deleting your browser’s history as well can fix the problem of ' DNS probe finished bad config '.

–Try from various browsers as well solve the problem. Try from Firefox or Safari if you have Mac and look if there problem still occurs. If you find that there is error in chrome browser only then delete the entire browser.

6.  Remove Website Filters

If you are having any special software that blocks certain sites or filters them, then suddenly remove it so you can possibly solve the bad config DNS error.

I am sure that that Filter makes some changes in your chrome browser and your chrome browser gonna report something and saw this error. So better to remove all the website filters.

So this all is the possible ways to solve the ' DNS_PROBE_Finished_Bad_Config error. Hope one of them will surely help you in your windows system. If you still find difficulty in this error, then do comment here, we will surely help you