How to Fix 'DNS_Probe_Finished_NxDomain' Error

Are you finding solution of Dns probe finished nxdomain? Well, generally while using chrome on windows you face Connection errors . Here in this article we are going to share about how to fix DNS_Probe_Finished_NxDomain error . So stay here and read this full article about how to solve Dns_Probe_finished_NxDomain error in windows 7/8/10 .

Well, in every dns error there are some possible solution. This type of Dns errors does not appear due to one problem. So today in this article of solving Dns_Probe_Finished_Nx_Domain article I have listed some methods to solve this problem.

Possible solution methods for DNS NxDomain error

1. Manually assign DNS server
2. Resetting and renewing catalog and IP
3.  Disable antivirus and firewall
4. Uninstall website filtering softwares
5. Power cycle computer and router
6. Update network drivers
7. Delete cookies and cache from browser

Let me describe the above methods one by one to solve Dns probe finished NxDomain error.

1. Manually assign Dns server

Most of the time many Dns server errors occurs due to some wrong configuration.This method is the most effective solution for solving Dns_Probe_Finished_NxDomainerror. When you manually set the DNS server then you will be able to solve the error. To set the Dns server manually you need to go to the Network and Sharing center. You can go there by clicking network icon at the bottom right side of the screen in windows PC. Then go to Open Network and sharing center option.

Now you need to select the 'Local Area Connection ' and then click the 'Properties' option.

Now click the radio button which shows the ' Use The Following DNS Server Addresses' and then in the 'Preferred Dns Server' box, type the and in the alternate DNS server box type and hit enter

Now click 'validate settings upon exit' and  then select OK.Check the website again to confirm that is the error Dns_Probe_Finished_NxDomain solved or not.

2. Resetting and Renewing catalog and IP

This is another method that may work to solve Dns NxDomain error easily. In this method you will use command prompt and write some commands there to reset the catalog IP and renew it. You can open command prompt by typing cmd in the search box of start menu.

Write the following commands into cmd
netsh int ip reset    (Press enter)
netsh winsock reset catalog  (press enter)

Now, after doing it again try to open the website in which you were getting this Dns_probe_finished_NxDomain error . Hope this method will work to solve this issue. If still not solved then go to the next method

3. Disable Antivirus and Firewall

Well, this is the common solution of any DNS error. Generally due to some settings of antivirus and firewalls you face connection issues. So to check that is it due to antivirus or firewall, first disable the antivirus and firewall if you have it on the PC. Then try to open the sites which give that error. If you successfully access the sites after it, then try to uninstall the antivirus and firewall and reinstall them again. If it again shows the error of Dns probe finished nxdomain then contact the service provider and go for the different antivirus or firewall option.

4. Uninstall the website filtering softwares

Sometimes you use the website filtering softwares to block some sites to access. Well this type of software have typical configuration and you may face this ' Dns_probe_finished_NxDomain ' issue . So uninstall this type of website filtering softwares and try to access the sites again.

5. Power Cycle and Router

Power cycling also solves the ' Dns probe finished NxDomain error easily. In this method you have to unplug your computer from power source and then leave it for the 5 - 10 minutes .  After doing unplug action , do the same with routers. Make sure you restart them after 10 minutes.

 Then keep calm and let the router to start completely. Then connect the internet and try to access the sites. This is also a good solution to fix ' DNS_Probe_Finished_NxDomain' error easily.

6.Update network drivers. 

Well the error of ' DNS_Probe_Finished_NxDomain' occurs also due to some network settings of network drivers. So try to update the network drivers and see that the error is solved or not.

7. Delete cookies and cache

This is also simplest way to get rid of the ' Dns probe finished no nxdomain ' error. First go to the advanced settings of the chrome browser and the select the option which ensure the deletion of cookies and cache of the browser.After deleting it close the browser and open it again. Now load any website in windows to see whether the error is solved or not.

So this all are the ways to deal with the ' DNS probe Finished NxDomain error. All the above methods gives surety of fixing ' DNS_Probe_Finished_NxDomain error' . So try them and get rid of that dns error. If you are still facing the same issue and not able to solve then do comment here , we will surely help you to solve the problem of this DNS error.